Happy Patients
These are actual letters to Aspire from real families.


When end of life approaches, it presents a difficult and emotional course for loved ones. Challenging decisions have to be made and patience exercised. Your staff eased those burdens on so many levels while providing her with quality of life and maintaining her dignity and happy nature. As you all know, her stature may have been diminutive, but she, nevertheless, was full of spunk and… she could be a “tough cookie” at times! Thank you seems so inadequate phrase to express what is our hearts and mind. We appreciate all that you have done in contrinbuing to the care and well bing of our “petite” mama/nana.

I know you must receive expressions of gratitude regularly but I’ve been wanting to write and thank you for all that you did to help Mom, myself and other family members at a very difficult time for all of us. Your card of condolence arrived at the perfect time as we are missing mom very much during this Christmas season. You must have known we would be. Donette, thank you for your patience and understanding of mom’s situation. She had been declining mentally and physically for several months and was not her normal self. Belinda, your life experiences were just what mom needed to hear. Your sweet spirit and conversations with her were such a comfort to her and all of us. Thank you for your genuine concern for her wellbeing. Linda, thank you for going the extra mile to come help me put her to bed for the last time. And Jill and Krista, thank you for your bereavement counseling and professionalism after her passing. We would recommend Aspire to anyone needing end of life care. Thank you again.

Gina & Staff: Thank you so much for your sweet tender care and concern for our father. He enjoyed his visits with you.  It gave him great peace and comfort to know he was in your good care.  We appreciate you and all you did.

To the staff at Aspire,  Your concern and kindness even after my husband’s passing have touched my heart and impressed my family greatly.  I haven’t words to express how much I appreciate the loving care my husband received during his declining years.  We had such special helpers.  We couldn’t have kept my husband at home to the very last without their help. Please know that you will be remembered by this family.

 Aspire Hospice, Ashley & Chris, Thank you for your loving care for our mother. We so appreciate the respect and honor you provided her. You made her passing easier for all of us.

We would like to say a very big thank you to nurse Janet and CNAs Kristi and Connie. All three of them took such good care of mother. All three are angels for what they did for her. The kindness and compassion shown was more than we could have ever expected. Connie would always get mom laughing and would talk to her like a friend. Kristin and Connie made mom feel needed and cared for. Mom was treated with such dignity and respect.

Dear Aspire Hospice Team— We have felt very blessed to have you by our side thru this final chapter of our mom’s life. We have always felt of your concern and willingness to go the extra mile and to always offer help. We are confident we were in great hands and know you did all you could to make this difficult time easier for us. Thanks for the visits, the prayers, the “private concerts” and the tender, compassionate care!

Thank you for your thoughtful loving care of our father. We will find comfort through our Savior and appreciate all you did for him and our family. You are Great!

Thank you for everything you did for my mother and for the beautiful roses. That was great of you.

Dear Aspire: Thank you so much to all of you at aspire who helped take care of my sister. July, Stacy, Krista, Danny and others were wonderful. We could not have gone through this without all of you. Our thanks also for the beautiful flowers, candy and card. Please accept heartfelt gratitude.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your patients and their families. The families we helped at the funeral home were very grateful and so are we. You make such a difference to so many.

Thank you to all who played a part in my mother’s care. She loved the music, singing and visits from Daniel. And she loved the special love and care she received from Holly. She spoke highly of them.

She looked forward to her visits with Gina and considered her a very dear and wonderful friend. I just want to let all know how much I appreciate the care, love and special attention you gave my mom.

She loved you all very much. I appreciate you all very much for helping me take care of my mom. Thank you also for helping to make my mothers last few years very happy ones.

Thank you so much for everything.

Thank you so much for the chocolates and beautiful tulips. Also, a big thank you to Martina for her kindness the day my father passed away. Our family really appreciated her help that day.

Dear Wendy, Julie, and all others: You all helped my mom. I felt such support and love from all of you. You all treated her so kindly. I will never forget Julie and all the support she gave me for such a young woman. You are truly in the right field as a nurse. Thank you, Wendy, for all your concern and love through all of this. I will never forget it. And will recommend you to all that are in need of your services.

To everyone at Aspire Hospice,
We just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all the special care you gave to our dear mother at Legacy House. We especially want to thank Cami and Ashley for all that they did for her. It meant a lot to us and gave us peace of mind.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and help during this time. We appreciate all the nursing, counseling, and therapy services you all provided for Mom.

Dear friends at Aspire,
We haven’t properly thanked you all for the excellent care you gave our mother. Beginning with Hillary and ending with Donnette, we have been given exemplary service and communication throughout the past months and years. Thank you for being with us at the end of her life, and helping us send her home with dignity and lots of love. We all appreciate your kindness to our family!

Our dear friends at Aspire,
We are so grateful for your sweet, loving care of our wonderful mother. You did so much to help us by teaching and training us to care for her. It was a little overwhelming for us at the beginning. Your encouragement made all the difference. It’s so important to feel good about the care you’re giving someone you love so dearly. You did a great job of answering all our questions, especially as she grew closer to the end. I know mother appreciated all of you for your tenderness and respect. May God bless you.

Thanks to the staff of Aspire,
You were all of great help to the family during Mom and Dad’s last days and weeks. I can’t say enough about the professional care they received. The family would like to especially thank Donette for all her compassion. She is without a doubt a great asset to the team. Thanks again.

In July of 2014, my husband Dennis, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He passed away in September. During those 11 weeks, we were blessed with earthly angels who swooped in and cared for both of us. Heather our RN, and yes I call her “ours”, watched over Dennis and kept him comfortable and also helped me to care for him. Stacey our CNA, was always so faithful helping Dennis to shower and dress. They both came into our home and brought a sweet spirit of love and compassion. During the last few days we were blessed to have Aspire implement continuous care until Dennis’s symptoms were controlled and he was comfortable. Dennis and I were both recipients of masterful and loving care. We were also visited by a Chaplain, Social Worker, and Music Therapist, all of which aided Dennis and comforted me. Thank you Aspire Home Health and Hospice for all the Love and care!!!!!

We want you to know how wonderful your staff, especially Janet Harris, was to us as a family. You cared for us as family, not just clients. It was so heartwarming to see your concern and tenderness with our father. He meant the world to us and you honored him.