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How do you choose a great hospice agency? There are so many choices and all of them say such nice things that it can really be a difficult thing to do. But it is still important. The quality of your future hospice company should be number one on your list. Aspire really understands that. In fact, we hope you do your research because we are confident that in doing your searching, you will find that the quality you get by choosing Aspire Hospice is very hard to beat by any other agency in the Salt Lake, and Northern Salt Lake areas.

Quality assurance is so important in this industry, that Medicare consistently checks out how all home health and hospice providers do their jobs by putting out the Hospice Compare report. This report gives a percentage of the excellency shown in a number of areas by a home health provider and compares it with national agency averages. The higher the percentage, the better the agency is at providing that practice.

For transparency, we would like to show you how our Hospice Compare report so you can see from a third party how careful we are with our hospice care:


Category                                                                                   Aspire Hospice Care                                      National Average

Emotional and spiritual support                                   96 %                                                                  89 %

Help for pain and symptoms                                      75 %                                                                 75 %

Training family to care for patient                                77 %                                                                   75 %

Rating of this hospice                                                    90 %                                                                  81 %

Willing to recommend this hospice                              89 %                                                                   85 %

Communication with family                                       74 %                                                                  80 %

Getting timely help                                                             73 %                                                                   73 %

Treating patient with respect                                     90 %                                                                  91 %

Total Percentage                                                                     664                                                                        654


As you can see, Aspire’s total percentage out of 700 % is 10 % higher than the national average. This is important, because the smallest details in your hospice experience can change the experience drastically. This is why we give the finest attention to detail for your satisfaction.

If you would like to speak to a hospice representative, please send us a message here.


Adam Mosley

Aspire Community Manager

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